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  • AI Safety Summit unites global leaders to address AI Risks and Challenges

AI Safety Summit unites global leaders to address AI Risks and Challenges

Plus Shield AI raises $200M for self-driving planes w/ AI pilots

Today’s Highlights:

📰 News:  U.K.'s AI Safety Summit unites global leaders to address AI's existential risks and regulatory challenges.

💰 Funding: Shield AI raises $200M for self-driving planes w/ AI pilots

⚡️ Top News Stories:

  • The summit focused on escalating global discussions about AI safety, spurred by advancements like ChatGPT and concerns over AI's existential risks.

  • AI companies agreed to give governments early access to their models for safety evaluations, and a new U.K. AI Safety Institute was announced, led by investor and engineer Ian Hogarth, that will produce its first report under the guidance of AI luminary Yoshua Bengio.

  • The "Bletchley Declaration" on AI was signed by 28 countries, committing to international collaboration on AI risks and creator responsibility, acknowledging the potential for catastrophic harm.

  • The U.S. announced parallel initiatives, including an American AI Safety Institute, overshadowing the U.K.'s efforts to lead on AI safety.

2. Microsoft unveils AI assistant 365 Copilot, but w/ a steep entry price and a 300-user minimum. (Min. $9K)

3. Google DeepMind's new AlphaFold model marks a significant stride in biomedical AI, expanding accurate predictions to essential biological molecules.

4. Quora's Poe pioneers an AI chatbot creator economy, offering monetization for innovative bot developers.

5. As LinkedIn hits 1 billion users, it turns to OpenAI to help premium members craft and digest content more effectively.

6. Instagram explores AI companionship, allowing users to create personalized AI 'friends' for tailored interactions.

7. ‘The Beatles' use AI w/ an old John Lennon demo to breathe life into an unfinished track, releasing "Now and Then" after nearly three decades.

9. Scarlett Johansson takes legal action against Lisa AI app for cloning her voice, signaling rising celebrity AI rights issues.

💰 Top Funding News:

1. Shield AI, a defense tech company focused on developing AI pilots for aircraft, raised a $200M Series F, led by the U.S. Innovative Technology Fund (USIT) and co-led by Riot Ventures. 

2. Covera Health, a leader in AI-enabled diagnostic tech focusing on radiology performance measurement and impact, raised a $50M Series C led by Insight Partners.

3. Matic, a groundbreaking fully autonomous home cleaning robot that can vacuum and mop without human intervention, raised a $24M Series A, led by notable figures such as Nat Friedman (ex-CEO of GitHub), Daniel Gross, and Stripe co-founders John and Patrick Collison. 

4. Engine Biosciences, a biotech firm using ML and high-throughput biology for the discovery and development of precision oncology medicines, raised a $27M Series A extension, led by Polaris Partners.

5. Promise Robotics, an AI company developing a cloud-based industrial production platform for robotic construction/assembly for the homebuilding industry, raised a $15M Series A, led by Horizons Ventures, with participation from Radical Ventures and others.

6. Accelex, a AI automation provider for private markets data acquisition, reporting, and analytics, raised a $15M Series A, led by FactSet. 

7. Guidde, an innovative platform that leverages generative AI to automatically create embeddable video clips for software documentation, raised a $11.6M Series A led by Norwest Venture Partners, with contributions from Entree Capital, Honeystone Ventures, Crescendo Ventures, and Tiferes Ventures. 

8. Connectly, a conversational commerce company using proprietary AI models to automate how businesses communicate with customers and sell products across messaging platforms, raised a $7.85M Series A, led by Volpe Capital.

9. Wraithwatch, a cybersecurity firm focusing on developing autonomous agents w/ generative AI to anticipate and counteract cyber threats in order to protect critical American infrastructure, raised a $8M Seed round, led by Founders Fund, w/ XYZ Capital and Human Capital

10. Treads, an AI-powered car maintenance subscription service, raised a $4.6M Seed round, led by Mucker Capital, w/ Kickstart Seed Fund, Peak Ventures, Royal Street Ventures, and Convoi Ventures.

11. Agentio, an AI-powered ad platform designed to align brands and creators, raised a $4.25M Seed round, led by Craft Ventures & AlleyCorp.

12. Freeplay, a platform empowering companies to build, experiment with, and test applications powered by LLMs, raised a $3.25M Seed round, co-led by Conviction Ventures and Matchstick Ventures.

13. Responsiv, an AI assistant tailored for in-house legal teams, raised a $3M Pre-Seed round, led by Greylock Partners. 

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