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Amazon’s new AI assistant for coding and business analysis

Plus Anthropic launches iOS app

Today’s Highlights:

📰 News: Amazon releases AI assistant for coding and business analysis + Anthropic launches its iOS app

💰 Funding: Coreweave raises over $1 Billion!

⚡️ Top News Stories:

1.Amazon launches Amazon Q, a generative AI assistant targeted at both developers and business professionals, offering tools to enhance productivity for coding and business analysis.

  • Amazon Q Developer enables coding efficiency by automating coding, testing, debugging, and multi-step planning. 

  • Amazon Q Business is for data-driven decision making, and connects to enterprise data repositories, allowing employees to easily access and interpret company policies, product details, and business results.

  • Amazon Q Apps, enables building AI-powered applications without coding skills.

2. Anthropic launches a new Team plan for its AI product, Claude, alongside an iOS app, enhancing mobile and team-based AI interactions.

3. Major U.S. newspapers sue OpenAI and Microsoft for alleged copyright infringement, using their content to train AI without permission.

4. Google calls for U.S. immigration reform, advocating for the inclusion of AI and cybersecurity in Schedule A to attract and retain global tech talent

5. Microsoft has banned U.S. police departments from using facial recognition tech provided through its Azure OpenAI Service, until there is national legislation grounded in human rights to govern its use. 

6. Apple has poached at least 36 AI experts from Google and established a secretive AI research lab in Zurich, known as "Vision Lab," focusing on developing new AI models and products.

7. Sam's Club has integrated its AI-powered exit technology in 20% of its stores to streamline the checkout process.

8. Sanctuary AI, a leading company building cutting edge general purpose robotics, has signed a partnership w/ Microsoft to enhance the capabilities and functionalities of AI within robotic applications and to to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of these robots.

💰 Top Funding News:

1. Microsoft announces a $1.7Bn investment to develop cloud and AI infrastructure in Indonesia, supporting the Indonesian government's Golden Indonesia 2045 vision to transform into a global economic powerhouse.

2. CoreWeave, the AI-focused cloud-computing startup, raised a $1.1Bn funding round led by Coatue, significantly increasing its valuation to $19Bn.

3. Blaize, which specializes in AI-enabled computing solutions that are integrated into a variety of industries including automotive, retail, and healthcare, raised $106M from investors such as Bess Ventures, Franklin Templeton, DENSO, Mercedes Benz, and Temasek.

4. Corelight, which provides AI-driven security operations, raised a $150M Series E, led by Accel, with significant contributions from Cisco Investments and CrowdStrike Falcon Fund.

5. AiDash, which uses AI and satellite technology to enhance the resilience and sustainability of critical infrastructure industries, raised a $58.5M Series C.

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