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Apple unveils Apple Intelligence suite of AI features

Plus Cohere launches program to help startups integrate AI

Today’s Highlights:

📰 News: Apple unveils Apple Intelligence suite of AI features

💰 Funding: Cohere launches program to help startups integrate AI

⚡️ Top News Stories:

1. Apple introduces "Apple Intelligence," a suite of AI features including a conversational Siri, AI-generated "Genmoji," and GPT-4o integration for iPhone, Mac, and other devices.

  • Siri's new capabilities include managing notifications, performing actions between apps, and summarizing text. Siri can understand onscreen context and work in both Apple and third-party apps.

  • Apple emphasized privacy, with many AI features working on-device. For complex tasks, requests are processed in a "Private Cloud Compute," ensuring user data remains inaccessible to Apple servers and allowing third-party code inspections.

  • New features like "Genmoji" and "Image Playground" will generate emoji-like reactions and images. The Photos app will also get enhancements, including improved search capabilities and a Magic Eraser-like feature.

  • Siri will leverage ChatGPT for complex queries, with user permission required for sending data. ChatGPT will also integrate with Apple's AI writing tools and image generation features, with a promise of user data privacy and no requirement for user accounts.

2. Anthropic is developing Claude 3, an AI model trained not just to avoid harm but to embody traits like curiosity, truthfulness, and open-mindedness, making it more aligned with human values.

3. OpenAI releases research and tools to advance the interpretability of AI models, by interpreting GPT-4's neural activity with 16 million patterns.

4. Oracle allows ByteDance to rent Nvidia’s advanced AI chips in the US to train AI models, exploiting a loophole in US chip regulations.

5. Perplexity AI, has been accused of "directly ripping off" articles from news outlets like Forbes and CNBC without proper credit, by curating and displaying them on its platform.

6. Adobe announced changes to its terms of service to clarify that it will not use customers' work to train AI models, addressing recent user concerns.

7. Elon Musk announced he would ban Apple devices from his companies if Apple integrates OpenAI's AI technology at the operating system level, calling it an unacceptable security risk.

8. The inaugural "Miss AI" pageant showcases AI-generated models competing on social media, offering a $5,000 prize and emphasizing advanced AI in influencer marketing.

💰 Top Funding News:

1. Seven AI is developing AI-based software that autonomously hunts for cyber threats and conducts investigations, raised $36M in a financing round led by Greylock Partners w/ CRV and Spark Capital.

2. Cohere has launched a Startup Program to support early-stage companies in integrating AI into their operations, offering qualified startups with Series B funding or below a 25% discount on Cohere’s AI models for a year, enhancing their ability to scale and innovate.

3. Tektonic AI, which leverages generative AI combined with traditional symbolic methods to create workflow automation tools that allow users to interact with GenAI agents via natural language, raised a $10M Seed round, led by Point72 Ventures and Madrona Ventures.

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