Chaos and Upheaval at OpenAI!

A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Firing of Sam Altman as CEO.

Today’s Highlights:

📰 News: Chaos and Upheaval at OpenAI as Sam Altman initially fired as CEO by board, yet could be reinstated shortly as Investors, Executives, and Employees push back aggressively against the board’s decision.

⚡️ Top News Stories:

TLDR: What started with the unexpected firing of Sam Altman as CEO, has led to over 700 of 770 OpenAI employees demanding that Altman be reinstated at the threat of leaving OpenAI, and joining Altman at Microsoft on a new AI team. 

For a even more detailed breakdown of the entire timeline of events click here but here are the most crucial highlights thus far:

2. Microsoft's new 'Model as a Service' on Azure strategically expands AI offerings beyond OpenAI, integrating models from Meta, Mistral, and Cohere.

3. Meta disbands its Responsible AI team, signaling a strategic shift towards intensifying generative AI efforts, while raising questions about it’s ethical oversight.

4. Amazon launches "AI Ready" global initiative, a free set of gen-AI courses, aimed at equipping millions w/ AI skills, while promoting its own AI products. 

5. Cohere partners w/ BlueDot to revolutionize access to infectious disease data, enabling natural language queries and expanding accessibility; a significant advancement in global public health.

6. The EU's ambitious AI bill is at risk as France, Germany, and Italy oppose heavy regulation, favoring a more innovation-friendly and self-regulated approach.

7. UnitedHealth sued for allegedly using a faulty AI model with a 90% error rate to deny necessary medical coverage to elderly patients.

💰 Top Funding News:

1. Malou, an AI-powered platform designed to enhance the digital presence of restaurants, raised a $10M round, led by henQ and Bleu Capital. 

2. Lasso Security, a cybersecurity startup that has developed a solution to address security vulnerabilities in LLMs, emerged from stealth w/ a $6M Seed Round, led by Entrée Capital, with participation from Samsung Next. 

3. Siena AI, an AI-powered customer support solution that combines the efficiency of AI with the empathy of human interaction, raised a $4.7M Seed Round, from Sierra Ventures, Pari Passu Ventures, Spacestation Investments, Village Global, The Council, and OpenSky Ventures.

4. Artisan, an AI startup focused on developing human-like digital workers, raised a $2.3M Pre-Seed round, from Bayhouse Capital and Oliver Jung

5. Scalestack, an AI-powered data enrichment, prioritization, and activation platform designed for Revenue Operations, raised a $1M Seed Round from Ripple Ventures, Forum Ventures, Flyer One Ventures, Founders Network Fund, and others.

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