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  • Google Deepmind’s AI tool Discovers over 2M New Materials

Google Deepmind’s AI tool Discovers over 2M New Materials

Plus a recap of the key announcements from AWS re:Invent 2023 conference

Today’s Highlights:

📰 News: AWS re:Invent conference showcases new AI advancements and partnerships including new chat tool for business and deployment of new NVIDIA chips + a revolution new discovery from Google Deepmind

💰 Funding: Pika raises $55M for AI video generation

⚡️ Top News Stories:

1.  AWS re:Invent 2023 showcases new AI advancements and partnerships. Here are some of the key announcements:

  • Amazon Transcribe is now powered by generative AI.

  • AWS introduced Titan, a text-to-image AI model for realistic image generation.

  • Titan Image Generator targets enterprise applications, requiring Amazon Bedrock access.

  • AWS announced Trainium 2 chip, capable of training models four times faster than its predecessor.

  • Amazon Q, a new AI chat tool for businesses, was launched for querying company-specific data.

  • AWS and Nvidia expanded their partnership, with AWS being the first to deploy GH200 chips.

  • AWS is developing a chip for solving key quantum computing problems.

2. Google DeepMind's AI discovers over 2M new crystals, revolutionizing material science and technology.

3. Stability AI, creator of Stable Diffusion, explores sale amid investor pressure and calls for CEO resignation.

4. IBM announces new initiative applying geospatial AI technologies, including a foundation model developed with NASA, to address climate challenges

5. U.S., U.K., and 16 other countries have signed a 20 page non-binding agreement to ensure AI systems are "secure by design" to protect against misuse and prioritize safety over speed+cost.

6. Microsoft announces investment of $3.2 billion in the UK, focusing on AI development and infrastructure, aiming to more than double its data center footprint.

7. Scale AI and NVIDIA partner to advance generative AI w/ NeMo SteerLM, enhancing LLMs for diverse applications w/ better personalization and responsiveness.

8. OpenAI's secretive project, Q*, which sparked concerns about its potential to solve complex problems, is speculated to improve LLM tasks using "process supervision” technique 

9. Ex-Apple employee’s startup, Software Applications Incorporated, aims to revolutionize desktop computing with generative AI

10. Data and Trust Alliance, establishes standardized labeling system for where, when and how AI data was collected and generated. 

11. Meta's new ad policy responds to misinformation challenges, requiring AI usage disclosure in political advertising.

12.Voicemod, the powerful AI voice changer, launches new features allowing users to create and share bespoke AI voices from scratch

13. Microsoft's GPT-4 showcases promising advances in radiology report processing and summarization

14. ChatGPT marks its first anniversary as the fastest-growing consumer tech, reshaping the industry and sparking a global AI investment surge

15. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang predicts AGI matching human intelligence within 5 years

💰 Top Funding News:

1. Together AI, a comprehensive cloud platform helping developers to work w/ open + custom AI models, raised a $102.5M Series A, led by Kleiner Perkins, w/ NVIDIA, Emergence Capital, NEA, Prosperity 7, Greycroft, 137 Ventures SV Angel, and more.

2. Pika, an AI-driven video generation and creation platform, raised $55M led by Lightspeed Venture Partners w/ Homebrew, Conviction Capital, SV Angel, Ben’s Bite’s and many notable angels.

3. Aidoc, a leader in clinical AI solutions, raised $30M to create a first-of-its-kind comprehensive clinical AI foundation model.

4. Kognitos, a leader in generative AI for business automation, raised a $20M Series A, led by Khosla Ventures, w/ Clear Ventures, Engineering Capital, and Wipro Ventures. 

5. Culmination Bio, which is developing a disease-agnostic patient data intelligence platform, raised $10M in funding from Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (Merck GHI) and Amgen Ventures. 

6. Valid8 Financial, a provider of AI-powered forensic accounting solutions, raised a $8.5M Series A, led by Silverton Partners, w/ Touchdown Ventures, First Trust, CPA.com, and Capital Midwest.

7. HeyGen, a platform for creating custom AI avatars and videos, raised $5.6M in new funding, led by Conviction Partners

8. Retrocausal, a generative AI platform for manufacturing process management, raised $5.3M co-led by Glasswing Ventures, One Way Ventures, and Indicator Ventures.

9. Vimcal, an AI powered calendar app, raised a $4.5M Seed Round, led by Altos Ventures w/ Y Combinator, Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia, former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Teachable founder Ankur Nagpal, and Hustle Fund.  

10. Amini, a climate-tech startup bridging the environmental data gap in Africa w/ AI and space technology-driven platform, raised a $4M Seed Round, led by Salesforce Ventures and the Female Founders Fund.

11. Solve Intelligence, an AI software for patent attorneys to facilitate IP analysis and generation, raised $3M from Y Combinator, Amino Capital, General Advance, SAV, Translink Capital, and Nomad Capital.

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