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Huawei and Alibaba are seeking approval for deepfakes from the Chinese government

Sept 5, 2023

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⚡ Today’s Highlights

  • 📰 News: Huawei and Alibaba are seeking approval for deepfakes from the Chinese government

  • 💰 Funding: Mimetrik and Miri

  • 📅 Events: Don’t miss these AI events happening next week!

📰 Today's Top Stories

(3 min read) (Source: Reuters)

TLDR: Huawei and Alibaba, along with over 100 Chinese tech giants, are seeking approval from China's Cyberspace Administration (CAC) for new deepfake technology models designed to manipulate audio and visual data.

  • Generative AI has seen increased demand in China, partially due to the impact of OpenAI's success with ChatGPT, but the recent advances in generative audio and video are accelerating the use of deepfake technology. Currently, the approval process for deepfake technology is distinct from the CAC's existing regulations on generative AI products.

  • Baidu and SenseTime Group are among five Chinese companies that released AI chatbots to the public last week after receiving government approval. As these chatbots roll out, the separate approval process for deepfakes could face new challenges, signaling a potential shift in regulatory focus.

(8 min read) (Source: Financial Times)

TLDR: Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Google DeepMind and CEO of Inflection AI, suggested that the U.S. should restrict Nvidia's AI chips only to buyers who agreed to ethical AI usage.

  • Suleyman emphasized the need for enforcing global AI standards and urged companies to adopt voluntary commitments similar to those made by leading AI firms to the White House. He proposed that consumers of Nvidia chips should at least adhere to the White House voluntary commitments and ideally exceed those standards.

  • The U.S. extended restrictions on the export of advanced AI chips to various regions, raising discussions about ethical and responsible AI use.

(2 min read) (Source: Reuters)

TLDR: Earlier this year, G7 leaders recognized the need for AI governance and committed to ongoing discussions, known as the "Hiroshima AI process," which aligns with the summit's goals.

  • This November, the UK will host a global AI safety summit aiming to unite tech executives, academics, and politicians to formulate international regulatory frameworks. British PM Rishi Sunak is working to position the UK as a leader in AI regulation, with further plans to spur investment in AI for productivity gains.

  • The summit, led by tech expert Matt Clifford and former diplomat Jonathan Black, will prioritize understanding “the risks created or significantly exacerbated by the most powerful AI systems”.

👀 More Reading:

💰 Funding News

1. Mimetrik, a company developing AI-driven digital dentistry products, raised a £2 million seed funding round.

  • Mimetrik's approach utilizes 3D-scanning technology and ML to generate fully digitized images of patients' dentition and facial structure. Their approach redefines digital dentistry, promising more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective treatment methods compared to traditional physical models.

  • Round led by Northern Gritstone with participation from experienced angel investors in the dental industry.

  • Funding is for facilitating Mimetrik's expansion, allowing the company to bring its core AI-driven products to the market.

2. Miri, an AI health and wellness platform that grants users continuous access to top health and wellness experts, closed a $1.2M oversubscribed Pre-Seed Financing Round.

  • Round led by Sassafras Investments.

  • Funding is for further developing Miri's technology and expand its services, providing users with online access to a diverse range of health experts for personalized guidance and support.

📅 Upcoming Events

Efficient Generative AI Summit 2023 (Sept 11, 2023 / Santa Clara Marriott, CA, USA)

  • This event puts efficiency-boosting technologies in front of the vanguard of enterprises and software developers who are seriously looking at scaling generative AI projects or products.

  • The summit will unite the leading experts in generative AI including high-level enterprise technologists, application developers, model and infra builders.

SAS Explore (Sept 11-14, 2023 / Las Vegas, NV, USA)

  • Prepare to revolutionize your skills – and your organization – with groundbreaking AI and analytics strategies that redefine what’s possible. Gain the expertise to achieve faster results, stay ahead of change and outpace tomorrow.

AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit (Sept 12-14, 2023 / Santa Clara Marriott, CA, USA)

  • This summit comprehensively covers the design and deployment of ML hardware and software infrastructure across the cloud-edge continuum.

  • Attend a unique AI systems event that will give you both hardware and software tools and techniques for training, deploying, and serving machine learning.

Data Science Connect Europe Conference 2023 (Sept 13-14, 2023 / Virtual)

  • This conference will showcase the wide variety of advanced data science applications throughout Europe as experts and practitioners across industries and disciplines discuss how they are leveraging data science in their respective verticals and domains.

Intelligent Health 2023 (Sept 13-14, 2023 / The Congress Center, Basel, Switzerland)

  • This global summit purely focuses on AI in healthcare. It brings together the world’s brightest AI health brains from pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech, health provisions, clinicians, tech companies, startups, investment, and science to advance discussions on how to apply AI and drive technological collaboration in healthcare.

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