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  • Humane launches its highly anticipated AI-powered wearable computer

Humane launches its highly anticipated AI-powered wearable computer

Plus xAI introduces new PromptIDE and IBM launches $500M fund to invest in AI Startups

Today’s Highlights:

📰 News: Humane launches its highly anticipated AI Pin, a new device for the AI age + xAI introduces new PromptIDE

💰 Funding: IBM launches $500M Enterprise AI Venture Fund

⚡️ Top News Stories:

1. Humane launches its highly anticipated AI Pin, a wearable device simplifying tech interaction with voice and gesture controls, starting at $699.

  • The wearable device clips onto clothing, is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and includes a camera, sensors, and a "personic" speaker. 

  • The device requires a $24 monthly subscription which includes a phone number, cell data via T-Mobile, cloud storage, and unlimited AI queries

  • The AI Pin is controlled through voice, camera, gestures, and a green laser projector for displaying information and requiring manual activation for privacy

  • It operates on Cosmos OS, connecting to AI models, including GPT-4, to perform tasks like messaging, summarizing emails, identifying food nutrition, and real-time translation.

  • The device, which will start shipping in early 2024, aims to simplify user interaction with technology by eliminating traditional interfaces.

  • Humane views the AI Pin as the start of a broader project, with plans to expand capabilities through navigation, shopping, and developer-created tools.

2. OpenAI to enhance AI model accuracy and diversity through new Data Partnerships, targeting broader cultural and linguistic representation.

3. The U.S. leads 30 nations in a pledge to set ethical 'guardrails' for military AI, ensuring adherence to international law.

4. xAI introduces PromptIDE, a new IDE for advanced AI prompt engineering and research, aiming to enhance the development of Grok-1.

5. Figma enhances FigJam w/ AI, offering intuitive visual tools for non-designers that aim to facilitate better team communication by transforming simple prompts into dynamic diagrams

6. SAG-AFTRA secures over $1Bn deal with AI protections and streaming bonuses after historic 118-day strike.

7. Snapchat's new ChatGPT-powered AR lenses bring interactive, educational filters to users.

8. Bill Gates releases thoughts on AI agents, outlining a future where personalized digital assistants enhance daily life and challenge traditional computing.

9. Samsung previews transformative "Galaxy AI" with real-time phone call translation, debuting in 2024's Galaxy S24 lineup.

10. Google's AI search feature hits global markets, expanding to 120 countries and supporting seven languages.

💰 Top Funding News:

1. IBM launches a $500M Enterprise AI Venture Fund to invest in AI companies, targeting everything from early-stage startups to hyper-growth AI enterprises.

2. Black Ore, an AI+automation platform for financial services that accelerates core workflows, emerged from stealth with a $60M funding round, led by a16z and Oak HC/FT, with participation from General Catalyst, Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, Trust Ventures, LionBird, SciFiVC, and SV Angel.

3. Elucid, a med-tech company that provides AI-powered imaging analysis software to assess cardiovascular disease, raised $80M in a Series C, led by Elevage Medical Technologies.

4. Eleos Health, which uses AI w/ proprietaryLLMs tailored to behavioral health to transform therapy conversations into actionable documentation and insights, raised $40M in a Series B led by Menlo Ventures.

5. Ritual, a company building open AI infrastructure, merging cryptography and AI to facilitate the open creation, distribution, and improvement of AI models, raised a $25M Series A, led by Archetype, with participation from Accomplice, Robot Ventures, dao5, Accel, Dialectic, Anagram, Avra, and Hypersphere. Notable angels include Balaji Srinivasan and others.

6. Tabnine, an AI-powered coding assistant that helps developers accelerate software developmentraised a $25M Series B led by Telstra Ventures w/ Atlassian.

7. Evolv AI, a leader in digital experience optimization and personalization by utilizing AI to enhance online customer journeys, raised $13.3M in new funding led by Horizons Ventures.

8. Osmo, a machine olfaction startup that has developed an AI-enabled scent platform for discovering and producing compounds that repel, attract, or destroy disease-carrying insects, raised $8.5M in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

9. Ozone, a cloud-based AI-powered video editing platform designed to streamline content creation, raised over $7M, from Y Combinator, NEA, General Catalyst and others. 

10. Flip AI, an observability intelligence platform that leverages a LLM’s to predict incidents and generate root cause analyses in seconds, raised a $6.5M Seed Round, led by Factory, w/ Morgan Stanley Next Level Fund and GTM Capital

11. Ghost Autonomy, a leader in scalable autonomy software for consumer vehicles, pioneering the use of multi-modal large language models (MLLMs) in autonomous driving, raised a $5M investment from the OpenAI Startup Fund.

12. Eilla AI, a generative AI startup aiming to streamline administrative processes in private equity and venture capital, raised $1.5M, led by Eleven Ventures w/ Fuel Ventures.

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