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  • Meta aims for ChatGPT’s spot with Llama 3

Meta aims for ChatGPT’s spot with Llama 3

Google’s AI Reorg and New Robots out of Boston

Today’s Highlights:

📰 News: Google’s AI reorg and new robots out of Boston

💰 Funding: Mistral AI aims to double its last valuation, targeting a $5 billion market position

⚡️ Top News Stories:

  • Meta introduces its AI assistant across major platforms and a new website, leveraging its new Llama 3 model for enhanced capabilities.

  • Llama 3, promising superior performance, supports tasks like coding and is released in both small and upcoming large multimodal versions.

  • The Meta AI assistant uniquely integrates real-time search results and has advanced image generation features.

  • Meta's rollout includes an international expansion, aiming to make the AI assistant available globally.

  • Meta's AI developments reflect a strategic push to lead in AI, with continuous updates and expansions planned for the Llama models.

Sundar Pichai announces Google's major reorganization, focusing on AI integration with Rick Osterloh leading the new centralized team

  • Google is undergoing a major internal reorganization to enhance its focus on AI, led by CEO Sundar Pichai.

  • Rick Osterloh heads the new "Platforms and Devices" team, consolidating products like Pixel, Android, Chrome, and Photos.

  • Hiroshi Lockheimer, previously in charge of Android, Chrome, and ChromeOS, transitions to new projects within Google and Alphabet.

  • The reorganization aims to enable quicker integration of AI into Google products, emphasizing the need for full-stack innovation.

  • Google's restructuring reflects a strategic shift to prioritize AI, demonstrating its commitment to maintaining leadership in tech innovation.

  • Boston Dynamics introduces an electric version of its Atlas robot, transitioning from hydraulic to electric systems.

  • The new Atlas aims for real-world utility, focusing on tasks across various industries.

  • Collaboration with Hyundai is planned to further develop and test Atlas's capabilities.

  • Advanced AI and machine learning are integral to enhancing Atlas's functionality.

  • This development highlights Boston Dynamics' commitment to evolving robotics technology for practical applications.

  • All New Atlas | Boston Dynamics 

Snapchat boosts AI transparency and safety with new labels, rigorous ad reviews, and future watermarking of AI-generated content

  • Snapchat enhances AI features for greater transparency and safety, including new contextual icons and labels.

  • Political ads on Snapchat will undergo strict review processes to ensure compliance and accuracy.

  • Future updates will introduce watermarks on AI-generated images to clearly indicate their artificial origin.

  • The platform employs a red-teaming strategy to robustly test and secure its AI models against potential threats.

  • Snapchat commits to continuous education and updates on its AI tools to safeguard against harmful or misleading content.

Stanford University's AI Index 2024 Annual Report offers a comprehensive analysis of AI's landscape. It serves as a pivotal resource globally, influencing policymakers and cited by major news outlets. Key findings reveal AI's superior performance in certain domains, industry dominance in innovation, surging development costs, US leadership, and the absence of standardized evaluations.

Hugging Face unveils a new benchmark tailored for assessing generative AI in healthcare tasks, emphasizing complex health data handling. The tool aids developers in gauging and refining AI accuracy in producing health insights, aligning with Hugging Face's commitment to advancing AI in healthcare.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo expands the U.S. AI Safety Institute's leadership team under NIST, emphasizing responsible AI development. Diverse experts collaborate to ensure reliable AI technologies, aligning advancements with national security. The move highlights the U.S.'s strategic commitment to global AI safety and standards.

Quora CEO Adam D'Angelo's AI chatbot, Poe, introduces a multi-bot chat feature, enabling interactions with multiple AI models in one thread. Users can compare outputs from different models, engaging them for various tasks like brainstorming and coding within a single conversation.

Logitech launches the Logi AI Prompt Builder, facilitating ChatGPT interaction via a dedicated button on mice and keyboards. The tool streamlines tasks like text rephrasing and image generation with preset "recipes." 

Cambridge researchers develop an AI tool speeding up Parkinson's drug design tenfold with a "Branch and Bound" algorithm, promising faster clinical trials and precision in molecule identification, highlighting AI's role in medical research for quicker healthcare solutions.

Google's "X" lab creates AI tools for the National Guard, expediting disaster response by analyzing aerial images. Bellwether, a subgroup, swiftly processes disaster photos, cutting analysis time from hours to seconds. The collaboration reflects Silicon Valley's role in national security and disaster response, despite Google's past military project complexities.

In DARPA's ACE program, the US Air Force tests an AI-controlled jet in a dogfight against a human pilot. The AI, operating an X-62A aircraft, engages a human-piloted F-16 in complex maneuvers, showcasing its autonomy and combat prowess. Human pilots oversee safety, while DARPA continues tests into 2024, exploring AI's military potential and ethical considerations.

Former OpenAI board member Helen Toner urges AI companies to publicly disclose system capabilities and risks. She proposes AI auditors and incident reporting mechanisms akin to aviation safety practices, speaking at a TED conference about AI policy and governance.

Stability AI, renowned for its Stable Diffusion model, cuts 20 jobs, constituting 10% of its workforce, following the CEO's departure. Interim CEOs cite cost reduction and investor relations as reasons. Despite layoffs, the company launches new AI models, amid legal challenges, including a lawsuit from Getty Images over copyright issues.

💰 Top Funding News:

French startup Mistral AI aims to raise hundreds of millions at a $5 billion valuation, backed by firms like Andreessen Horowitz and Microsoft. Its partnership with Microsoft faces EU scrutiny over market dominance concerns. Despite regulatory hurdles, Mistral doubled its valuation to 2 billion euros in December, indicating investor confidence in its AI impact. 

Microsoft injects $1.5 billion into Abu Dhabi's G42, fostering U.S.-UAE tech collaboration. This secures Microsoft a minority stake and a board seat in G42, aligning with compliance efforts amidst geopolitical concerns. G42 shifts from Chinese suppliers to Azure, promoting U.S. regulatory compliance. The deal involves future data center partnerships and backs a $1 billion AI fund, strengthening ties and mutual tech ambitions, positioning G42 as a key player in Abu Dhabi's AI strategy, supported by substantial Microsoft investment.

Rivos pioneers power-optimized chips tailored for LLMs and data analytics. Integrating both components with a uniform memory architecture, the company secures over $250 million in an oversubscribed Series A-3 round, led by Matrix Capital Management and supported by investors like Intel Capital and MediaTek, signaling a significant step in advancing AI hardware technology.

Upstage pioneers "AGI for work" with its expertise in large language models and Document AI, integrating AI deeply into business processes for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency. Securing $72 million in Series B funding, investors include SK Networks, KT, Korea Development Bank, and others, fueling Upstage's mission to revolutionize AI-powered solutions for enterprises.

The Bezos Earth Fund initiates a $100 million AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge to combat climate change and nature loss. Opening applications in May 2024, it encourages collaboration between environmental groups and AI experts. Focused on sustainable proteins, biodiversity conservation, and power grid optimization, with a "Wild Card" category, it offers seed grants and further funding for innovative AI solutions, supporting multidisciplinary proposals from various sectors.

Lawhive introduces a legal tech AI platform tailored for small law firms, anchored by its in-house AI "lawyer" Lawrence, adept at tasks such as document summarization and KYC/AML processes. With $12 million in seed funding, GV leads the round, supported by London's Episode 1 Ventures, bolstering Lawhive's mission to streamline legal processes for smaller firms.

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