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NVIDIA and AMD unveil new chips at Computex 2024

Plus VC’s sell Anthropic and xAI shares through SPV’s

Today’s Highlights:

📰 News: NVIDIA and AMD unveil new chips at Computex 2024

💰 Funding: VC’s sell Anthropic and xAI shares through SPV’s

⚡️ Top News Stories:

1. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed their next-generation AI-accelerating GPU platform at Computex 2024, announcing the "Rubin" platform set for 2026 and the "Blackwell Ultra" chip for 2025.

2. AMD also unveiled new AI chips at Computex 2024, including the Ryzen AI 300 series for laptops and the Ryzen 9000 series for desktops, while also detailing its data center chip roadmap, announcing the Instinct MI325X. 

3. Perplexity launches Pages, a new tool designed to transform research into visually appealing, comprehensive content that is shareable. 

4. OpenAI formally reboots its robotics team, which was disbanded in 2020, as part of its renewed focus on AI-powered robotics, with plans to specifically focus on providing highly capable multimodal AI models designed for robots.

5. Microsoft is reporting that Russia is using disinformation campaigns to undermine the 2024 Paris Olympics by blending traditional propaganda with A.

6. Microsoft is launching an AI-powered Recall feature, which screenshots everything on a PC to allow quick search and retrieval, however a cybersecurity expert warns that Recall stores data in plain text, making it vulnerable to malware and attackers, despite Microsoft's claims of security.

💰 Top Funding News:

1. Microsoft plans to invest $3.2Bn in AI and cloud infrastructure in Sweden, which will include adding 20K GPUs across three data centers and commitments to training 250K individuals in essential AI skills to boost Sweden's workforce.

2. Google will invest $2Bn to establish its first data center in Malaysia, creating a new "cloud region" and enhancing its cloud services and AI computing capabilities in Southeast Asia.

3. VC’s are selling shares of popular AI companies like Anthropic and xAI to small investors through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), creating a dynamic secondary market that reflects the high demand and value of shares in hot AI companies, w/ VCs looking to capitalize on the growing interest from smaller investors who want a stake in these lucrative firms.

4. EthonAI, which leverages AI to identify defects in products during the manufacturing process and to optimize operations, raised a $16.5M Series A led by Index Ventures, w/ General Catalyst, Earlybird, and Founderful.

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