OpenAI launches GPT-4o!

The revolutionary multimodal model features a futuristic voice assistant!

Today’s Highlights:

📰 News: OpenAI launches GPT-4o, it’s first "natively multimodal" AI model that features a sophisticated voice assistant that reads emotions and enhances interaction with AI.

💰 Funding: Accel launches a $650M new fund for European startups focus on AI

⚡️ Top News Stories:

1. OpenAI launches GPT-4o, a versatile "natively multimodal" AI model supporting text, speech, and video, promising a more intuitive and interactive experience across its products.

Here is the full announcement:

  • GPT-4o significantly improves the functionality of ChatGPT, by enabling real-time voice interaction with nuanced response styles and enhanced visual understanding capabilities.

  • The voice assistant demonstrated dynamic capabilities such as changing voice tones on command, responding to visual inputs from the phone’s camera, and functioning without continuous prompting.

  • The model aims to make interactions with AI more natural and user-friendly, reducing reliance on user interface and focusing on seamless integration across various languages and media.

  • It will be introduced to ChatGPT’s free tier and its premium plans with expanded features like higher message limits and advanced multilingual support, with voice capabilities rolling out to select partners due to misuse concerns.

  • OpenAI also announced an update  to the ChatGPT UI with a new user interface centered around a simple, minimalist black dot to facilitate a more natural user interaction without the usual UI complexities, while also steering clear of anthropomorphic elements.

  • They also announced the launch of a desktop app for macOS, broadening access to AI tools and features across its platforms, with plans for a Windows version later in the year.

2. Perplexity has formed a strategic partnership with SoundHound to enhance SoundHound’s Chat AI voice assistant with Perplexity’s advanced online LLMs, integrating real-time web-surfing capabilities for dynamic, up-to-date responses.

3. ElevenLabs, the Voice AI startup, is previewing a new music-generating AI model that can turn prompts into song lyrics, with potential for creating everything from children’s lullabies to hit songs.

4. Apple is close to finalizing a deal with OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT into iOS 18, aiming to boost iPhone's AI capabilities as it also explores a potential agreement with Google's Gemini.

5. U.S. and Chinese officials to discuss AI risks in Geneva, focusing on the misuse in military applications, amid ongoing tensions and recent restrictions on AI technology exports to China.

💰 Top Funding News:

1. Accel launches a new $650M fund to boost early-stage startups in Europe, targeting innovative startups from cybersecurity to AI.

2. The OpenAI Startup Fund raises an additional $5M, continuing its support for pioneering early-stage AI startups through strategic investments.

3. Microsoft and Amazon invest a combined $5.6Bn in France, enhancing AI and cloud capabilities, and boosting job creation as part of a broader push to advance France's digital and economic growth.

4. Kyle Vogt, co-founder/former CEO of self-driving car company Cruise, launches the Bot Company, a robotics startup aimed at automating household chores, securing $150M from high-profile tech investors.

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