OpenAI might start making its own AI chips

Oct 10, 2023

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Today’s Highlights:

📰 Top Stories: OpenAI is exploring the development of its own AI chips + Microsoft is debuting its own AI chips next month

👀 Content: Getty Images CEO breaks down how Generative AI is revolutionizing their business

💰 Funding: Observe raised $50M in funding to revolutionize data observability

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📰 Top Stories

(Source: Reuters)

TLDR: OpenAI is exploring the development of its own AI chips to address the scarcity of expensive AI chips. CEO Sam Altman has made acquiring more AI chips a top priority due to shortages and high operational costs.

  • The options under consideration include building its own AI chip, working closely with chipmaker Nvidia, and diversifying suppliers beyond Nvidia. OpenAI has been using a massive supercomputer with 10,000 Nvidia GPUs to develop its AI technologies.

The Big Picture: Developing custom AI chips would align OpenAI with tech giants like Google and Amazon, which design chips fundamental to their businesses. However, this endeavor would be a significant and costly strategic initiative, potentially involving hundreds of millions of dollars annually. An acquisition of a chip company is also being considered to expedite this process.

(Source: The Information)

TLDR: Microsoft is reportedly preparing to unveil its first AI-focused processor aimed at reducing its dependence on Nvidia for GPUs used in AI workloads and large language models. This chip could be revealed at the company's annual developers' conference.

  • The processor is designed for data center servers and AI features in Microsoft's productivity apps. It may help mitigate the risk of GPU shortages impacting AI revenue streams.

The Big Picture: The pursuit of AI innovation is driving tech giants to develop their own AI-focused processors, signaling a shift towards greater self-sufficiency and control over AI hardware components and the need to secure reliable AI infrastructure.

(Source: CNBC)

TLDR: Google Cloud has introduced AI-powered search capabilities for the healthcare industry through its Vertex AI Search platform, allowing clinicians to efficiently access information from various medical records and documents.

  • This AI search tool helps doctors find information stored in clinical notes, scanned documents, and electronic health records, aiming to reduce the time spent on searching for relevant patient information and improve overall efficiency.

The Big Picture: The introduction of AI-powered search tools in healthcare is part of a broader trend in the industry to leverage AI for improving efficiency, reducing administrative burdens on clinicians, and ultimately enhancing patient care. As healthcare systems grapple with increasing data and documentation, AI technologies like these play a crucial role in streamlining processes and delivering better healthcare outcomes.

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💰 Funding News

1. Observe, a SaaS observability platform specializing in storing, managing, and analyzing machine-generated data and logs using AI, raised $50M in convertible debt funding led by Sutter Hill Ventures.

2. Class Companion, an AI platform designed to empower teachers by providing instant, personalized feedback to students, raised $4M in seed funding led by Index Ventures w/ participation from the OpenAI Startup Fund and notable angels, including Gokul Rajaram, Terrence Rohan, and Andrej Karpathy.

3. Saidot, an AI governance startup offering a platform that enables enterprises and governments to harness the benefits of AI safely, raised €1.75M in a Seed Round led by Crowberry Capital and Ventic.

4. Metropolis Technologies, a company combining computer vision with AI to streamline payments and enhance consumer experiences in various sectors, including parking, raised $1.7Bn in equity and debt financing led by Eldridge and 3L Capital. They will be acquiring SP Plus Corporation for $1.5Bn.

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