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OpenAI’s Super Alignment team shares new research

Plus Meta introduces a new AI model for generating voice

Today’s Highlights:

📰 News: New research from OpenAI’s super alignment team which hopes to protect us from superintelligent AI + Meta introduces a new AI model for generating voice

💰 Funding: Essential AI raises $50M+ Series A for full-stack AI automation products 

⚡️ Top News Stories:

1. OpenAI's Super Alignment team is working on techniques to control superintelligent AI, a hypothetical future computer that can outsmart humans.

  • The team, led by OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever, uses a weaker AI model to guide a more advanced model in desirable directions.

  • The research used GPT-2 to supervise GPT-4, achieving mixed results, with GPT-4 outperforming GPT-2 but falling short of its full potential.

  • Their approach to superalignment is still in its early stages, facing challenges like ensuring superintelligent AI aligns with human intentions and doesn't hide its true behavior.

  • OpenAI plans to launch a $10 million grant program to support research on superintelligent alignment and host an academic conference on the topic in 2025.

2. Meta introduces Audiobox, a groundbreaking AI model for generating voices and sound effects from text prompts.

3. Runway launches new ambitious research project on General World Models, to create AI systems that understand and simulate complex + diverse real-world environments, in effort to simulate potential future events

4. Microsoft Research introduces Phi-2, a compact yet powerful language model w/ remarkable reasoning and language understanding capabilities that outperforms models up to 25x larger 

5. Democrat Shamaine Daniels employs AI chatbot Ashley, an AI-powered political campaign caller, that does personalized voter engagement and outreach 

6. Google DeepMind's FunSearch LLM solved the cap set problem, a famous unsolved problem in mathematics, marking the first LLM to discover a solution to a long-standing scientific puzzle.

7. Intel unveils latest Core Ultra CPUs with dedicated AI silicon, offering enhanced power efficiency and AI performance.

8. Spotify is testing a new "AI playlists" feature that allows users to create playlists using AI and prompts.

💰 Top Funding News:

1. Essential AI, which develops full-stack AI products for enterprises that automate time-consuming and monotonous workflows, raised a $56.5M Series A, led by March Capital and included participation from AMD, Franklin Venture Partners, Google, KB Investment, NVIDIA, and Thrive Capital.

2. Tacto, a German AI-based operating system provider focused on future-proofing supply chains for mid-sized industrial companies, raised €50M in funding, led by Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures.

3. Twin Health, a metabolic care startup revolutionizing diabetes management with an AI-backed model that aims to provide individualized nutrition, raised a $50M Series D, led by Temasek, w/ Iconiq Growth, Sofina, Peak XV, and Helena.

4. Durable, a startup facilitating entrepreneurship w/ AI tools like their AI website builder, raised a $14M in Series A, led by Spark Capital, w/ Torch Capital, South Park Commons, Infinity Ventures, Dash Fund, Altman Capital, and Soma Capital.

5. Arcane, an AI co-pilot for modern marketers, raised a $5M Seed round, led by Accel, w/ Cocoa, Firstminute Capital, Kima Ventures, and Seedcamp. 

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